About me

He Chunyun

Student in France / Work in Singapore / Blog writer

I am a student in Montpellier Business School. I like the French culture very much. That’s why I leant the French language. I tried to write the blogs with French so that I could improve it. I like to travel and I am interested in history. I will write the blog to record my travel experience since 2018. All the pictures and videos in the blog are taken by myself. I always dream of travelling all around the world in the future and wish that my life will be beautiful as summer flowers.

Learning French is an interesting thing. Although it could not bring wealth to me, it makes my life more meaningful and explore my vision. I travelled many places in France and the travel experience will leave the eternal impression in my life. The travel experience will become the stimulation of my future life as well.

Also I will translate all the articles to Chinese because my mother could not understand English and French. All my blogs are dedicated to her. She really likes to read them although she has never been to Europe before.